🌐Upgrading Your Internet for Censorship Resistance and P2P Connectivity

🌐Upgrading Your Internet for Censorship Resistance and P2P Connectivity 🚀

With some funding and community help, you can all build infrastructure to improve decentralization and privacy worldwide. Not everyone needs this level of communication, a simple simplex or Keet client paired with a lightning wallet to fund your project, whether it be around providing utilities like gas ,lights and data, electricity .So here is a proposed plan:

Lightning Nodes⚡

Nostr Relays🧑‍💻

  • Build out Raspberry Pi relays running Keet and Nostr relays via Umbrel or Start9

Also take this into consideration,Lenovo Thinkpads and SSDs may be more resistant to military actors state attacks

  • Place them in strategic locations globally/regionally, taking into account scaling and maintenance savings then cost.

P2P Chat🤝

They can be used for keet relays if you do have any

🌐Expanding our P2P Horizon with PiVPN 🌐

By leveraging Raspberry Pis and VPN technology, we can enhance privacy and strengthen decentralization in exciting new ways. Considerable advantages of PiVPN deployment:

🥝Internet Freedom Portals

  • Set up Pi nodes running PiVPN in censorious regions to provide access to open web for locals

  • Custom firmware ensures stability and maximizes limited bandwidth resources

💿Private Peering Points

  • Connect Raspberry Pis globally so they can sync/share data like torrents, IPFS, Bitcoin nodes privately

  • Use WireGuard or OpenVPN for rapid, secure tunneling between p2p devices

💸Running Full Nodes Everywhere

  • Install Bitcoin/Electrum wallets to full nodes on Pis on trustworthy VPN

  • Extra bandwidth unused can be donated to help sync other full nodes worldwide

⚙️Infrastructure for Innovation

  • Additional resources enable experimentation with new p2p protocols and services

  • Future projects may include decentralized cloud services, live streaming and more!

Harnessing the power of portable Pis increases privacy and takes peer-powered systems beyond what's possible today. Exciting potential for distributed collaboration!

Funding Round💰

  • 4587195.4693226265 SATs needed for 1st month of your hosting costs

  • You should reach out to other contributors in the community to fund your project

By upgrading your internet infrastructure with lightning, Nostr and Keet, we can all better enable censorship resistance and promote peer-to-peer connectivity globally. Exciting times ahead!

⚖️Leveraging Bitcoin for Positive Change🌎

There is an opportunity to use the rise of digital hard money in a purposeful way to advance human rights in a compliant manner. Here are some suggestions:

💰Generating Resources Responsibly

  • Guide individuals and charities on ethically acquiring Bitcoin through approved platforms

  • Provide education on best practices for securely storing Bitcoin long-term without third party risks

🏦Pairing Philanthropy with Progress

  • Suggest fundraisers pair traditional donations with a voluntary Bitcoin component

  • Link donors with experts who ensure all transactions adhere to regulations for full transparency

✊Empowering Underserved Communities

  • Establish programs to convert percentage of generated wealth into initiatives like food/water projects

  • Partner organizations focus on creating sustainable solutions pairing local skills/resources with Bitcoin opportunities

🌐A More Just System Through Innovation

  • Advocate cross-border micropayment networks to facilitate global access to education and opportunity

  • Support pairing all property titles with a Bitcoin component to foster financial inclusion for all

By guiding ethical Bitcoin adoption, we have a chance not only to empower individuals, but align new technologies with building a more just world for future generations.

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