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We are a company providing wallets signing devices, seed plates, and other Bitcoin accessories.

Our Services: Education and Training: We offer comprehensive workshops and training sessions designed to equip individuals and businesses with the knowledge they need to understand Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and the broader Bearer asset transmission ecosystem. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, our educational programs cater to all levels of expertise. Strategic Guidance: We provide personalized consultation services to help you develop a strategic approach to Bitcoin adoption. From investment strategies to integrating Bitcoin into your business operations, our consultants will work closely with you to identify opportunities and mitigate risks, tailored specifically to the unique market dynamics of your locale

Sigma Enterprises is a enthusiast of Bitcoin and Opensource. Sigma Provides Hardware wallet referrals and Bitcoin service consultation at little cost to consumer

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Bitcoin Consulting, tomorrow your world.

Quality service at no cost to consumer and Satisfaction Guarantee