Commerce and Statelessness

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Commerce and Statelessness


Literature Review:

To support the argument, this research will draw upon various economic and historical perspectives. Key texts that will be explored include:

  1. "The Theory of Money and Credit.
  2. "Human Action: A Treatise on Economics.
  3. "The Case for Gold.
  4. "Free to Choose: A Personal Statement.
  5. "What Has Government Done to Our Money?.


This module will further utilize a qualitative approach, conducting a literature review of the selected texts to identify key arguments and evidence supporting the case for currency competition. The findings will be analyzed and synthesized to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic.


The discussion will revolve around the central thesis that currency competition, rather than government control, can lead to stable money and prevent inflation. By examining historical periods characterized by stable prices, such as the age of modern industrialism and the gold standard, the research will highlight the benefits of limiting government influence over monetary policies. The potential impact of currency competition on employment, inflation, and economic stability will be explored.

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