Living “In the Private”

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Living "In the Private"


Every person is born "in the private," in their own sovereign space. While the State operates in the public domain, individuals often find themselves entangled in the public due to government control and legal fictions.

"A man or woman can either 'live' 'in the private' or 'act' 'in the public.'"

Society conditions us to accept authority, fostering dependence on the government. The intimidating facade of authority and deceptive legal language contribute to this manipulation.

"You are indoctrinated to 'act' in the 'role' of an artificial legal 'person,' a creation of the State serving as a 'surety' for national debts."

Governments, incorporated into the debt-money system, have subjected nations to a global debt-bondage. This system relies on people 'acting' as artificial legal 'persons,' unknowingly becoming debtors in a transactional web.

"An artificial legal 'person' is a dead entity under Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction, while you exist within the sovereign Common Law Jurisdiction."

Common Law follows Natural Law, recognizing the equality of all individuals with inherent rights. Your sovereign jurisdiction and unalienable rights cannot be taken without your informed and willing consent.

"Legal 'actors' presume you're 'acting' in the 'role' of a legal 'person' in commerce, seeking contracts to extract 'commercial energy.'"

Under Common Law, both parties must enter contracts knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally. However, under Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction, consent is often presumed by silence.

"The first step is to separate yourself from the legal fiction. If you answer to the artificial legal 'person' NAME, you contract by 'joinder.'"

The system presumes your consent to contracts, but you have the right to verify and question claims made against you.

"By failing to exercise their rights, the People have allowed their governance to be turned against them, leading to monetization and financial piracy."


  • Private: Living as a Man or Woman, with natural rights and limitless contractual capacity, outside and above the State.

  • Public: Acting in a public capacity, as an artificial legal person, granted privileges by the State, limited in contractual capacity, and under the State's jurisdiction.

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