Introduction to open source

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Introduction to open source

Open source projects are software projects that are developed collaboratively by a community of contributors.
Open source projects are often more transparent and accessible than proprietary software, as the source code is made available to the public and can be freely used, modified, and distributed under an open source license.
Popular open source projects include Linux, Ansible, and Kubernetes.
These projects are hosted on platforms like GitHub, which is a web-based Git repository manager that allows developers to access the source code, make contributions, and collaborate with the community.
Other popular platforms that host open source projects include GitLab, Bitbucket, and SourceForge.
Getting involved in open source projects can provide valuable experience, build your skills, and contribute to the development of software that is used by millions of people around the world.
There are many resources available for getting involved in open source projects, including online forums, mailing lists, and community events.
By accessing these open source projects and getting involved in their communities, you can join a collaborative and transparent approach to software development and contribute to the creation of innovative and impactful software.

Open Source


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