Small Time Ubuntu operator

Sysadmin operation via Ubuntu
- the official website for Ubuntu
Ask Ubuntu - a community-driven website for Ubuntu users
Archivematica - a free and open source digital preservation system
Open Source Initiative - an organization that promotes open source software and advocates for its use
Zabbix: A network monitoring tool that allows you to track the performance and availability of your IT infrastructure, including servers, applications, and network devices.
Webmin: A web-based system administration tool that allows you to manage your Linux server through a web interface. It includes modules for managing users, configuring Apache, setting up email, and more.
Bacula: A backup and recovery solution that allows you to back up your data to multiple destinations, including tape drives, hard drives, and cloud storage.
Cacti: A network graphing tool that allows you to visualize the performance of your IT infrastructure in real-time. It includes a variety of plugins for monitoring different types of devices and systems.
Git: A version control system that allows you to manage changes to your code and collaborate with other developers. It's particularly useful for web programmers and developers who work on open source projects.
OpenLDAP: A lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) server that allows you to centralize user authentication and manage user accounts across multiple systems

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