This is our method of monetization for our efforts. All proceeds will be used for hosting and donating to other projects in the Bitcoin ecosystem. We truly love being a part of this project.



Building on the Nostr Protocol.

Contact Nostrich "npub16d8gxt2z4k9e8sdpc0yyqzf5gp0np09ls4lnn630qzxzvwpl0rgq5h4rzv".

On Amythyst app on Android, Damus app on IOS , on desktop


Web Application Development

Sigma Enterprises is a web design and development company offering high quality Web Design,Mobile App Development, CMS Development, E-Commerce Development and Open sourced solutions.

Timestamped optimized websites & custom cutting edge web technology solutions. We create professional websites for all business types and needs.

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Open Source Software Development

We are a leading provider of Open Source Software Development for research and commercial applications. Our teams provide enterprise-grade capabilities, certified products, and software development services in support of organizations worldwide.

Sigma Enterprises pusuing the development of high-quality Open Source and commercial software for a variety of platforms.

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Online store creates passive income while you sleep

From digital products, books and e-courses to training workshops, we help you build, manage and monetise your online assets.

We want to make your journey to success as smooth as possible. So we are providing you with this lifetime gifts

Where does one even start?