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We are aspiring providers online of personal wallets via Self hosted LNbits. We also provide Yubikey 2fa devices

Welcome to our Lite Node service! It is the perfect solution for personal wallets,private relay and backup. Our LNbits Backend ensures a shared platform with efficient dashboards. We provide reliable 9/5 email support for any assistance you may need. Rest assured, our P2P transactions are strictly conducted through Tor for enhanced privacy and security.


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Wallets are for Anyone

Introducing our versatile account and wallet management feature! With our platform, you can effortlessly create and manage multiple accounts and wallets. Whether it’s for your personal use, your friends and family, or even for a wider audience, we’ve got you covered. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up and organize accounts, ensuring seamless control and security. Feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance or have specific requirements. How can I help you make the most of our account and wallet management capabilities?.

Extend Your Possibilities

LNbits includes dozens of extensions built by contributors. Create faucets, paylinks, shareable points-of-sale, paywalls, event tickets, dice games, server services, even a shareable jukebox, and many, many more.Extend your LNbits install in any direction, and even create and share your own extensions.

Backed by a Standard Node

Experience the power of our platform, backed by a robust Full Bitcoin Node Backend and a Lightning Node on a shared platform. With our infrastructure, you can enjoy the benefits of a fully operational Bitcoin node while also leveraging the lightning-fast transactions enabled by our Lightning Node. Take advantage of this strong foundation to enhance your Bitcoin operations and unlock new possibilities. How can I assist you further in maximizing the potential of our backed platform?

Our Nostr Relay comes equipped with a range of capabilities based on the Networked Interactive Protocols (NIPs). Here are the NIPs with a relay-specific implementation that we support:

NIP-01: Basic protocol flow description
NIP-02: Contact list and petnames
NIP-04: Encrypted Direct Message
NIP-09: Event deletion
NIP-11: Relay information document
NIP-11a: Relay Information Document Extensions
NIP-12: Generic tag queries
NIP-13: Proof of Work
NIP-15: End of Stored Events Notice
NIP-16: Event Treatment
NIP-20: Command Results
NIP-22: Event created_at Limits
NIP-26: Delegated Event Signing
NIP-28: Public Chat
NIP-33: Parameterized Replaceable Events
NIP-40: Expiration Timestamp

With these capabilities, our Nostr Relay provides a comprehensive and secure environment for your communication and event management needs.

Fully open source and available on github

Relay and Landing Page Creation

Sigma enterprises is a small, but growing web design and development firm headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago. We specialize in website design and development for businesses that need help maintaining their online presence or want an online presence that better reflects their brand. The services we provide include custom lightning domain name registration, website creation and maintenance, Relay deployment backup and managements, Nostr protocol management, mobile app development and more. If you have a website and want more Censorship resistant distribution for it, contact us! With our help, you can be come closer to achieving a measure of censorship resistance and gain new clients who will become repeat customers.
Sigma enterprises is a web design and development company that specializes in website design for small businesses and professionals. Established in 2003, Sigma enterprises . With our knowledge of web design and development, agile development methodologies,and online open sourced strategies we strive to provide our clients with high-quality censorship resistant protocols and consultation.