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Title to Satoshi Nakamoto’s White-paper

For the first time, we have a real financial "instrument". We have the possibility to create new money by using our creativity and knowledge. We don't need a central bank, we don't need corrupt politicians, and we don't need banksters. We can create as much money as we need. Every one of us is a bank.


So how to get that money? We can earn it by our creativity. We have a great chance to get rich just by creating useful software. For example, if you don't want to create a new Bitcoin client, but you like to program anyway, you can contribute to existing clients. Also if you are not a developer, but you like to make money with Bitcoin, you can invest in companies that make money with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin itself is just a tiny thing compared to the power that it can bring to the people.

The first thing we need to do is to get to know what we are dealing with. For example, Satoshi explained the difference between mining and transaction in "Introducing Bitcoin" whitepaper:

A mining operation may consist of a single personal computer, or an entire building full of mining rigs.

To understand what is mining, let's look at some code:

void mine(uint256 *hash, uint256 seed) { hash[seed] = hash *hash; get a hash }

So mining is simply converting the message with a defined hash into the valid Bitcoin transaction. This was the whole idea behind mining.

If we want to convert a message into the Bitcoin transaction, it's a little more complicated. We need a new blockchain, and we have to do it with a certain priority.

Bitcoin uses a proof-of-work protocol.

If I'm using my computer to validate a new block, I need to solve a complicated mathematical equation. This equation is impossible to solve, so it cannot be done in theory. To validate a block we need a big amount of computing power, so this is something that only a certain amount of computers can do.

You can build a Bitcoin network which nobody controls. And this is so cool. Everybody can help to make Bitcoin more secure and more reliable.

And you know, Bitcoin is about freedom.

Bitcoin is freedom.

Bitcoin is security.

Bitcoin is your chance to be rich.

Bitcoin is your chance to be free.

Bitcoin is your opportunity to be alive.

To understand Bitcoin and how it works is to understand freedom and how it can be implemented.

You see that Satoshi’s Bitcoin is more effective against the tyranny of the money/banking cartels, and more difficult for governments to control than the first versions of it.

The key lies in Bitcoin's cryptography. Bitcoin was not born as a currency but as the foundation of a computer-based economy in which every person would be a free individual to trade with anyone else. Only cryptography makes it possible to build such a decentralized economy based on voluntary transactions.

Bitcoin was not born as a currency but as the foundation of a computer-based economy in which every person would be a free individual to trade with anyone else. Only cryptography makes it possible to build such a decentralized economy based on voluntary transactions.

I mean, just imagine it:

Anybody can transfer money to anyone else without permission from banks, governments and corporations.

Anybody can start a business with as little money as they have.

Every person is a store of value, an investor of capital, without need to borrow from banks or rely on promises of politicians to fund their retirement.

There will be no risk of loss of savings or of having to repay debts when the government prints more money to fund the deficits.

The banks and other financial institutions will have no more power to force people to keep their savings at the banks and borrow money from the banks at interest.

Every person will be a judge of the legitimacy of any government's claims of authority.

There will be no risk of bankruptcy and no more need to make monthly payments to a bank to survive.

This is a free society, and it’s just the beginning!

How did we get here?

The government decided in 1913 that it could create a monopoly of money production and that it could lend money to the banks at interest.

The purpose of this monopoly of money is that the government can use it as a tool to control the economy. It is a tool used by the government to steal our wealth by printing new Money.

at will. But the government is also allowed to mint coins and give them to the people to use in exchange for goods and services.

The purpose of this system of private monopoly on money is that the banks can control our economy and our lives. In other words, it is a tool that is used to put us in a debt slavery to the banks.

When Bitcoin was invented, Satoshi did not see it as a currency. His purpose was to create a new type of software in which every user would be in control of their money and would have the right to use their computer to exchange money. Satoshi was an anarchist. He never supported the government and believed that it had no legitimate authority over him.

Satoshi's Bitcoin was the first software in history that was programmed for free-market transactions and in which every user had complete control of his money. Satoshi did not want to allow any third-party to control his money, so he used cryptography to prevent a transaction from being manipulated.

Now look back to our definition of Natural Law. This is a simple and elegant way to prevent all sorts of abuse.

How to implement Natural Law? In Bitcoin we have the "digital wallet", a place where you keep your bitcoins. This digital wallet can be also your identification document and all the things you will need to move around the world.

Bitcoin, as a monetary system, will not necessarily change the morality of humanity, but it will change the incentives for its members. The ability to store wealth with complete and unbreakable security is the only path that gives freedom, it is the only path that gives dignity.

But the core principle of humanity is that we want to live, survive and create a better world for our children and the children of the future. And now we can do it. It's easy, really. We are a supernova, a giant, and we have a power of our own. There is no reason for us to go down. We have to fight for our freedom!

We have a choice. We either evolve into a superior species, or die.

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