Who inspired my company?

Without the help of my parents I would have never known what a computer was let alone how to use it. Coming from a place where I was provided all my needs but not many of my wants as a kid. My parents always encouraged me to start and grow my own business instead of relying on solely a job for someone else. We are all unique and special in our own way

My parents have always been very supportive of my company, while at all time inspiring me to grow my business ,supporting my avid passion for bitcoin

Being a part of the Bitcoin community has inspired us to provide an exchange that is reliable, fast, secure and friendly. Bitcoin is a community full of people willing to help others. Bitcoin community is full of people willing to share their knowledge.

After working in the industry for over two years we were able to encounter other professionals that are just as passionate about Bitcoin as we are. We feel a special interest in doing what you have to do for the best of your community , learning and meeting others. In this industry networking is important

The knowledge gained from all three has inspired us to open an exchange that can provide all services to all levels of users. We would like to be your first choice for new and seasoned users alike.

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